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And that our proceedings may be the more clear and methodical, I (hall begin with the confideration of the word it felf, and in the multiplicity of different ufes and acceptions, ( as in mofi others ) pitch up- on one that may fit our purpofe, and may be a good help alio to keep us within our bounds, in cafe the affinity of the matter, or ambiguity of the word and title, (hould tempt us to digreffc, or lead us out unawares .

Yet I my felt thought it not fo curious, as profitable, which made me to adventure upon it.

mote his phrenfies , were not at firft really beguiled themfelves, before they began to fcduce others .

by falfe, we are fure enough , as to Divine Aa- thority : but whether feigned, I makefome queftion ; and whether himielf, and thofe about him, that helped to pro.

Vitil, whether a Voluntary E^cfta H^ be a thing pof[ible in nature, Gi- raldus Cambrenfe ^W ^/# Enchufiafis : Merlins. The Mel Taliani , or Prayers, fo cal- led ancient iy\ ^A con fider alien •concerning the nature of thetrdiffempsr, v^hether contagious or no. fervency ; ^7 the advantage where" #/, fome very wicked in their lives , Hereticks and others, have been noted to have excelled in that facul- ty, John Ba/ilides Duke 3 or King £jf Mofcovia: his Zeal at his Devotions : his f^ifions and %evelations ; and incredible Cruelty • Ignatius Loyola , the founder of the Jefuites ; flrange things written of his x,eal in praying : the fame in fubftance^ written of the ancient Brachmannes of India; both ^ with equall probability , The Meflaliani, or Prayers, anciently fo called : what their here/ie or error was» Their earnefi, intent» con-* tinued praying ; raptures and Enthujiafms ; vifions and revelations : how all thefe might happen naturally ywithout ^ny fupernaturall caufe* Haron a Mahometan Prince, a great The Contents. but the under- flanding Reader may make his own obfervations upon di- vers particulars never theleffe.

I fhall therefore fpare that labour, and con- tent my ielf with plmarchs divifion ; vvhich, although he mention P/4^(?

Some ufe to be made of him i for confirm at ton oftheamiqmtieofthe Scriptures of t The Contents. 7S(( Poets (rr^^ Poets) made hj Wine • difpmed and maintained agamfi: Scaliger': thengh it be granted^ that Wtne may contrihme much towards the ma* king of a good Poem j and why, So^ fome other things j proper, to fiirre up ( in fome tempers ) the fptrits, or the fhanfi Ci to Enthuiiafme \as Mnfick,-, &c. It is (lire enough, that there is not any one of Natures worksj how mean foe- ver and ordinary to vulgar fight and eyes, but may afford fomewhat in thecaufe whereof the reafon of the moft rati- onal and underftanding may be pofed.

^oi Adp Jttii lv^it9i AT9h e#9ws7m, ^to M:^ot3 iv^toiy Mi'^^i', and the like ; all which fignifie men inlpired by God.

That it is a participation of an estrinlecal and divine power? He iaith all thole kinds have one common name, oy98^/«5;jco V WQ®-* which whe- ther fo generally true, ( except I my feif miliakc him , which 1 think 1 do not , ) I doubt.

Pltitarch ^xyts MS no other definition of Enthujiafme in general, but this.

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