Radioactive dating in antartic

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The graphic series shown here is from De Conto and Pollard.

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Collecting a core refers to cutting and removing a cylindrical section of a sample or substance, much like coring an apple involves taking a cylindrical section of the apple.

By flying a series of long flight lines between Lake Vostok and the Gamburtsev Mountains we can connect the radar data from this missing interior area to Lake Vostok's existing data.

This data will be available to assist China in selecting where to drill their ice core.

And still other scientists drill into layers of ice to collect long cylindrical sections of accumulated ice.

The image to the left shows the bottom of an ice drill; the cutter head (the part that cuts the ice) and the core barrel, (the hollow tube that follows the cutter head to capture and hold the ice as it is extracted.) Each of these types of cores represents a glimpse into the past; a layered collection of information about past climates, Earth processes and major events.

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