R java not updating

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in the past those internals were mostly stable so upgrading wasn't too bad.

recently, oracle has shown a great enthusiasm for intentionally breaking those internals (and they have an incentive to do so as it forces companies to purchase support from them)so in the near future this could get much uglier Apart from what others have mentioned, you can have entirely silly things break, like code that tries to parse the Java specification version string and expects it to be of the form 1. Java 1.4 added a sanity check in the date parsing logic of

by renaming the variables and leaving the references untouched, or is this unsafe?I'm still digging to figure out what the problem is.This might be a newbie question but I heard multiple times something like: "we must stick with java7 because when we switch to 8 everything will break" bu no one told me why?If this type of coding is fun/easy for you, you can help me improve this package on github.Cool new features I think may be added (by me or others) are: Final note, I would like to thank the many people who have developed WONDERFUL tools for making R package development possible (and even somewhat fast), on Windows. Brian Ripley and Duncan Murdoch for Rtools, also Uwe Ligges for his work on CRAN, Hadley Wickham for devtools (in general, and for its documentation), Yihui Xie for roxygen2, JJ and others in the RStudio team for RStudio, the people behind git and github, and more.

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