Queen noor of jordan dating

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King Hussein had introduced restrictions on freedom of speech, and changing the parliamentary electoral law into the one-man, one-vote system in a bid to increase representation of independent regime loyalists and tribal groups at the expense of Islamist and partisan candidates.

"She is such a terrific spokesperson for her country and the whole region. 16 to promote Arab-American relations—faces the daunting task of straddling modern and ancient worlds.

I'm a full-out gusher when I talk about her." Unlike her royal counterparts in the west, the Kuwaiti-born Rania—who kicks off a U. "She has to constantly be aware of not offending, not stepping too far beyond the bounds of tradition and yet pushing just enough to keep the dialogue going and progress moving forward," says her friend Pat Mitchell, president and CEO of PBS.

Rania has used her Jordan River Foundation to establish the country's first-ever center for abused children and to promote small loans for women starting their own businesses—moves that might have ruffled more feathers among Jordan's male-dominated old guard were it not for her smooth political charms.

Says Mitchell: "She has threaded the needle very carefully." The balancing act extends to her 12-year marriage, itself a unique mix of traditional and modern mores.

Rania praises Abdullah's "really good" barbecue skills; he defers to her modern decorating sense in the hilltop palace they moved into last year.

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