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It was nothing." - "Wrong, but nice." - "See, when you're not being a bitch, you're a good teacher." - "Leanna's form seemed fine to me." - Say anything you want to Anakon and the women.- "Apparently so." - "Yeah, I know what you mean." - "Then why are you friends with them? Pleasure to meet you." - Any response - "Of course. Surely it's concept you've thought about before." - "Just ask." - Any response - "It was nice to meet you too, Kristen." or "Cool. " - "You have good taste in bars." - Approach her at the bar - "Leanna?

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You'll probably quit one day though." - "There's something missing from your life? " - "Maybe you're just waiting for the real you to click into place." - "Why can't that be every woman's philosophy? " - "I think he'd be crazy not to have you in that issue." - "Good company too." - "I would love to dance with you." - Dance - when music changes, grab her instead of saying "Yeah, good idea." - for the game, ask any question. - Any response - "There are times when you are, but you need to work on it." - Yes - "You found a new friend and began to open up to them, slowly showing that you could be a wonderful person." - "For you? Nothing too formal, but nothing too causal either." - "Yes, and I'm very much enjoying the view." - "How could I resist?" - "Maybe you'll just open up one day and unleash the true you into all of their faces." Basketball - Any response - "Of course!Leanna's been telling me all about you." - "Of course I'm with Leanna. " - Intercept the ball - "And that is how you play basketball! You're hardly a pro." - Run after her to increase her approval. - If intercepted : "I'm sure I just got lucky." If ran after her : "It was probably better than I could do." - Say anything you want to the women. You don't have to pretend that argument was nothing." - Any response - Any response - Any response - "I want to help." - "That's a very nice outfit you're wearing." - Any response - Pick Citizen Kane - Any response - "No, this is just a professional hobby.

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