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INTRODUCTION In the early 1960s, due to the increasing significant of computers in sharing information, the Internet emerged through ARPANET, which was a military and scientific project.In the last 50 years, the Internet has rapidly spread worldwide and has become the most important information and communication technology in our age.In the context of reactions towards serotonin reuptake, it is considered as a derivation of obsessive-compulsive disorder.On the other hand, Yellowlees and Marks (2005) underline those individuals, who have tendency o problematic Internet use, suffered from impulse-control and addiction in the past.increase in computer-mediated communication condition was significantly higher than .....

In order to keep out of these problems, students can embrace the Internet which he considers it as a relaxation (Joinson, 2001) and answer to problems (Kandell, 1998; Morahan-Martin & Schumacher, 2003; Shepherd & Edelman 2005).Similarly, according to the same research’s results on Household Use of Information Technologies, 47.7% of the individuals, who belong to the 16-74 age group, use the Internet regularly.75 This rapid increase of Internet use may have negative consequences such as pathological/problematic Internet use (Nalwa & Anand, 2003).Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE April 2014 ISSN 1302-6488 Volume: 15 Number: 2 Article 6 EXPLORATION OF PROBLEMATIC INTERNET USE AND LONELINESS AMONG DISTANCE EDUCATION STUDENTS Assist. Tülay DEMIRALAY Trakya University Faculty of Administrative Sciences Balkan Campus Merkez, Edirne, TURKEY Mr.Ilkay DEMIRALAY Trakya University, Tunca Vocational School Balkan Campus, Merkez, Edirne, TURKEY ABSTRACT The current study investigated the relationship between problematic Internet use and levels of loneliness among 311 distance education students.

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