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“If there was an opt-in option, it wouldn't be as weird, like other dating apps,” said Jeon.“I would think that would give me and other people less hesitation.” Boroughs stated that, should the app gain substantial popularity, he does have plans to add a feature where one could filter only for people who are active within the app.Matched pairs can then make use of the chat feature.” Boroughs, the app’s creator, began working on the project the last week of winter break and released it on the App Store about two weeks ago.Boroughs said he made the app for people who feel the need to ask someone out but want to make sure the interest is mutual prior to doing so.“Usually dating apps are for people in places where meeting people isn’t readily available, but on a college campus that’s not really much of an issue.” As of Feb.13, the app currently has 287 users, with 194 matches already made.“The only way for it to be successful is to know if someone’s interested in you or not,” said Boroughs.“So that’s why I came up with the app; it’s a way for you to actively express interest in people without them knowing unless they’re interested back.

The app can filter by residential college, department, or class year.

No non-Princeton undergraduate could ever see that information, and they’re seeing less information than they could on the residential college Facebooks,” said Boroughs.

“It’s not giving people more information than has already been given.” Some interviewed students felt their peers’ privacy concerns were somewhat redundant.

Boroughs received the undergraduate student body information from the Residential College Facebooks, and hopes to reassure users concerned about privacy that all information was secured within the CAS system, so only other undergraduates could see the information.

“The official guideline is that if your application is secured with CAS, that information can be displayed.

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