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She was also nominated by her classmates for prom queen.Sadly, she didn't win, but a former classmate told that the now actress was truly kind-hearted.Given the scrutiny of being romantically involved with a Prince, perhaps it makes sense for Prince Harry to choose someone who's already familiar with the pressures of the spotlight?Family is nothing if not important to the British royal family.Growing up, Prince Charles struggled to please his parents and to fill a role that was against his nature.In an adaptation from her new book, Sally Bedell Smith chronicles the brutal bullying the heir endured at school, and the unlikely place in which he found solace.

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While his 22-year-old mother, Princess Elizabeth, rested in her bedroom suite in Buckingham Palace, her newborn heir was brought to the vast gilded ballroom by the royal midwife, Sister Helen Rowe.

"I wasn't black enough for the black roles and I wasn't white enough for the white ones."Markle wed her first husband, film producer and talent manager Trevor Engelson, back in 2011.

Just two years after getting married, the couple quietly separated.

Under the 46-foot-high ceilings—juxtaposed with the monarch’s massive throne draped in red-and-gold embroidered velvet—the infant was swaddled in white blankets and placed in a simple cot for viewing by the royal courtiers who served his grandfather King George VI and his grandmother Queen Elizabeth.“Just a plasticine head,” observed Major Thomas Harvey, the Queen’s private secretary.

“Poor little chap, two and a half hours after being born, he was being looked at by outsiders—but with great affection and good will.”Charles was hemmed in by high expectations and scrutiny from the start—unlike his mother, who had 10 relatively carefree years of childhood.

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