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Her Serene Highness also appears to have taken solace in extensive surgical alterations to her body over the past three years.One local says, “A lot of people are hoping she will just stop the plastic surgery now she is finally pregnant.”Charlene has faced an incessant barrage of criticism and hostility since she married Prince Albert in a controversial ceremony in July 2011 that was marred by a false claim made by a French newspaper--and repeated in the Sunday Times which was forced to issue an apology--that she attempted to flee the principality of Monaco two days before the ceremony was to take place.Faye James is a regular contributor at New Idea, WHO and Practical Parenting and works across health, beauty, celebrity and royal content.She has over 20 years of experience spanning across the UK, Middle East and Australia.With all the fuss around Kate Middleton’s happy gestational news, you could be forgiven for thinking that there's only one Royal pregnancy in western Europe right now. Princess Charlene of Monaco, the athletic, South African bride of Prince Albert, is also with child.The Prince’s Palace has confirmed she is pregnant, and that a baby is due in December, but have not reacted to claims from one of Charlene’s South African family friends that she is pregnant with twins.

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Her best showing at a swim meet was at the 1999 All-Africa games where she won three gold medals and a silver medal.Former playboy Albert has at last done his duty and provided at least one legitimate child (hopefully there will be a boy), following two illegitimate ones. Well, she may be “common as muck” as one part-time resident of Monaco scathingly describes the daughter of an IT developer and a swimming instructor from a middle class South African town (in Monaco, as in France, your provenance is everything) but “at least she has proved herself capable of reproducing.”Hideous misogyny? The enormous wealth of Monaco’s citizens (the gross average income exceeds 0,000 and is the highest in the world) casts a glossy glow of modernity to the outside world, but delve below the surface and many of the attitudes held there - racism also abounds openly - are practically medieval.Sources tell the Royalist that Charlene had been becoming increasingly depressed over the last three years by her failure to provide a son and heir to Albert, and although the pregnancy has not been easy, she is relieved that an end to the ordeal of the last three years is in sight.“She does not expect to be suddenly warmly welcomed into Monaco society, but she does think that after giving birth – especially if it’s a son--she will be more free to go off and do her own thing,” says one member of the European society circuit.It was a bad start, and since then things have not improved. They felt that a middle-class girl from an unsophisticated town in South Africa simply wasn't grand enough to fill the shoes of Albert’s mother Grace Kelly, the legendary Princess of Monaco who died in a car accident in 1982 on one of the serpentine mountain roads on the French side of the border.While her husband Prince Rainier had concentrated on the finances of Monaco, making it an attractive year-round home for the ridiculously wealthy--"a sunny place for shady people" in the famous formulation of Somerset Maugham--Grace, who married Rainier in 1956, is credited with injecting the principality with glamour, taking it in the popular imagination from being a forgotten backwater comprised of fishing villages on the French / Italian border to a glamorous vacation spot for her Hollywood friends.

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