Pre op ts dating

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She considers a guy a chaser once it becomes obvious there is " the date is off, period.She considers him a gynophobic a-hole and that is that.

You have to look really above average to make sure men would be willing to overlook your medical history.I haven't dated a man who is ashamed of who/what I am. When I was young 20 and when I was 23, I've dated two men who wanted to get married. For me marriage is a trap hehe but it was validating to know that men who were very financially stable and good looking wanted to marry me.Needless to say, me telling them my distaste in marriage, and then being young and wanted to have more fun soured those relationships. It's nice to know that they're are guys out there interested in LTRs with pre/non-op women. I'm better than any ol' fusty cis dude anyway.Surgery may well be something that changes you so fundamentally that your confidence etc is what then attracts the right sort of guy. I Feel like getting something done as serious as SRS for the same of other people when you are not 100% sure about it is certainly a wrong decision.I'm currently preop/non op, but I acknowledge the fact that maybe one day I might reconsider getting SRS because I want it for myself and not because my dating life is failing or whatever it is that is influenced by other people.

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