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I've been to two of their "poly masquerade" parties which, to be fair, were pretty wonderful. However, my wife was accepted into the group no questions asked, no strings attached.I however was denied under the "too high of a ratio guys/gals" policy they apparently have.I've seen this dynamic happen in a couple of different cities I've lived in with a couple of different groups.Sometimes the "alpha poly" is not always male, BTW.Check out the group The mission statement explicitly says that the group is for trans people. I can put in a request to change the language to make it more appealing to heterosexual non-cisgendered individuals though.

After meeting some other members of the poly community here, I found out from a former leader of PU40 that the person that most likely rejected me had been going on a power trip, using the different meetup groups he is leader of as his own private dating pool and kicking out people he felt threatened his status as alpha poly guy or other people not up to his standards.

I went a couple rounds with the moderator that refused my request to join and added that I'd been to multiple events and I was still refused.

At that point we decided not to be a part of their events.

About 8 months ago, I tried to join up for and was rejected by the meetup group for Poly Under 40, the leader saying something about having "too high a ratio of guys to girls due to their latest round of promoting".

He then said I could reapply in 6 months or, if I promise to promote PU40 on fetlife / facebook / my online dating profile / etc, I could get in.

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