Play count itunes not updating

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If your RSS feed is showing error messages, please go to our Help Center article here for more steps on how to make it valid again.

If your feed is valid, then this means that i Tunes needs to refresh its cache and recognize the changes you have made.

*If you’re on a Windows machine scroll to the bottom of this post for more information. He probably has a script you didn’t know you wanted. Download the following file: Scripts (create this folder if it doesn’t already exist) **The name of the file is what will appear in your i Tunes services Menu, I named mine ‘Change Play Count’ as you can see from the file name.

** If you’re looking to change the play count of multiple tracks to one value I customised the script. (Untitled is the name of my hard drive and chikaboo is the name of my user) **If you can’t find your Library folder, when you’re in finder select ‘Go’ in the menu bar and hold down the alt/option key at the same time, it will appear in the list of folders. Ta dah, you will now see the option in the scripts menu of i Tunes!

Then force restart your i Phone before connecting it to your computer via USB (here’s how to force restart an i Phone).

If during the process you see a Trust this Computer alert, make sure you tap Trust to unlock your device and enter your passcode.

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If your feed is not valid, then i Tunes cannot read and show the changes you have made.Especially if you have signed up for any of the services that run alongside it, such as Apple Music and i Tunes Match.Of course, there is still more to i Tunes than music - you can also store movies and TV series there, used to keep a back up of your Apps too.Just select a song and type in the number ***** UPDATE 21/05/2018 ****** If you’re on a Windows machine, someone contacted me with an application they made: Tunes Data Editor/releases.Some instructions from the creator: In a nutshell, you create a playlist with the songs you want to edit, fire this tool, select that playlist and then you have a grid with all the songs, double click the play count and change it, when you press ENTER it is saved to the i Tunes library. ******************************** ***** UPDATE 06/11/2018 ****** Someone requested the the script make it possible for you to select multiple tracks and change their play count value at one go. The process for installing it is the same as above.

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