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All features were there but could be switched on to use at a later date if needed, so did not confuse the staff.

It was a great way of getting all customer contact detail in one place for easy marketing.

Any proposed new Platinum Member may not be Affiliated with an existing Platinum Member or existing Gold Member on the date of its application.

The nomination must be in writing to the Secretary with the information determined by the Board of Directors.

If the breach is not cured within the period provided in the Platinum Member Agreement, the Board of Directors shall vote on termination of the Platinum Member.

Consideration Offered: Cash Only screens for deals where the acquirer does not offer any other type of consideration except cash.

Deals where the acquirer adds contingent payments (earnout) as consideration are not included if you use the filter Consideration Offered: Cash Only.

If the Controlled Platinum Member is Controlled by a Corporate Gold Member, such Corporate Gold Member shall become a Platinum Member for the remainder of the term of the Controlled Platinum Member. If a Platinum Member does not give written notice of renewal as provided in Section 1(c), resigns from the Foundation as provided in Section 1, is combined with another Platinum Member or Corporate Gold Member as provided in Section 2 or is terminated as provided in Section 1, the Secretary shall promptly give notice of such event to all Members and provide a notice on the website of the Foundation.

Any entity (including, without limitation, a Corporate Gold Member) may nominate itself to be a new potential Platinum Member using the procedure described in this paragraph.

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