Plane dating flowchart

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This effort was prompted by several folks asking me about the Stanley planes that they own, or saw while out cruising for tools.I found that many of the questions they asked were the same ones asked over and over.The welds are colored to match their surrounding and then are machined to be unnoticeable.These are very difficult to detect, and one should always be suspicious of repairs to areas where the tool is susceptible to breakage. An honest person will point out repairs, so know your source!Internet connection is normally never had to flowchart.

It's inevitable that once something becomes collectable or valuable, it also gives rise to fakes, copies, and repairs.

An asterisk, represented by the ascii character '*', found at the end of each listing indicates that the plane falls into the not so common category. The booklet also ignores the cheaper brands of Stanley planes.

Remember, this originally was a guide for those guys who intended to use what they purchased.

These planes are no different than that of any other field of collecting where unscrupulous, get-rich-quick, ought-to-be-making-license-plates-for-a-living, types abound. These are covered, in sufficient detail, in the relevant listings.

Copies are also somewhat small in number, but they are not made to fool anyone.

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