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I’d seen him at some of his most vulnerable moments and knew what he was going to like.And I’d taken what we were doing seriously from day one.I was excited and nervous at the same time — I kept thinking, Throughout all of this, while he was constantly pushing to talk to me over text, he never made the commitment to see me in person, and he blew me off regularly.Should I have ended it and gone running when he pushed it to that point after I told him to slow down? Didn’t he seem like a creep who was out to see how far he could push me? Trust me, I saw the red flags, but I loved hearing from Lucas.The first time we got on camera, it was awkward, much like it is the first time you have sex with someone new.

It felt like we were two people who’d been dating for months — beyond the physical stuff, we were comfortable just sitting and talking. Because of all of the cybersex we’d been having, I was already comfortable with him. By the end of the night, he had asked to take me out as soon as possible, and we had kissed and exchanged numbers. We were at a bar, and he was semi-cute, but very charming and funny.After a few weeks, he once again steered our conversation toward the X-rated (dick pics included).He told me he’d break me of my nice-girl ways, and I’d do things with him that I’d never do with anyone else.

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