Pisces man dating a scorpio woman

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It’s very difficult for these energised folks to truly ever stop, and their strength can become poisonous to themselves if left unchecked.Pisces proves a most delightful guiding hand in this regard, and knows how to advise Scorpio on how to be without running the risk of dictating to them or controlling them.

Fated romance, guided by the hand of destiny, all a dream within a dream…

Yet the earnestness and honesty of the Pisces woman could well capture his interest, simply because she can’t help but be her real self – especially around him.

These two will notice one another almost instantly, and slowly circle each other behind emotional walls they can’t keep up around each other for long.

This is an all-consuming love that strengthens both partners, but also lays some of their vulnerabilities bare.

Understanding the nature of each of these star signs does much to help illuminate why they seem to resonate at an almost subconscious level.

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