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Dominion and Seraglio, as also of the Maldivse Hands : which and the whole Tenth Booke came later to hand, and therefore is rather a Supply to all, then any well ordered part of the Worfce, being thenei&re printed after the rest.

Now for the New World, we begin at China, which the Ancients knew not, and take all the East aind North parts of Asia from the Caspian Sea, the Arctoan Regions, all America and Terra Auatralis, comprehending all in that New Title.

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The i Fifth Booke giveth generall Relations of America, in her Mexican or Northerly, and Peruan or Southerly Moyties (with what we could find of the South Continent) their Antiquities and state before, and since the Spanish 0®nqiuest.



^ ^ ^ TO THE READER Authors travelling the same parts, observed, in which my Method brings in ordinarily the Authours whole Voyage there, where that part or Countrey, in which and for which we entertaine him, principally occasioneth his memorie ; and partly because in this long space of imprinting (from August 162 1.) many things have comne to my hand by diligent enquiry, which were not enrolled, nor in possession to be mustered in their due file and ranlce ; yea, divers things have beene done since our other passages of like nature were printed off : And thus divers Dutch quarrels are related, which yet since the Impression of that part have beene composed. First, we have divided the World in our; Method The first into the Old and New, alloting to each his owne Tome, ^'"'^• the first Ten Books to the former, the later to the other.

But the Worke growing more voluminous then was expected, we are forced to cut each of them asunder in the midst, the figures in the top and Alphabets in the bottome, and some marginall references and annotations intimating but two Tomes, which only the quantitie hath made Foure.

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