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“When people say Parsis are dwindling, it’s not necessarily that we’re dying out, but when you intermarry, you dilute that sense of Parsi identity.” The specter of their shrinking population hangs heavy over Parsis of all ages.

His parents hope he will marry a Parsi woman, so he keeps these relationships secret at home. Now, they connect interfaith couples with Zoroastrian priests willing to perform weddings and initiation rituals for their children. But even in a city of 18 million, they’re struggling to find spouses.

Anita, the 35-year-old businessman searching for a spouse, has dated women of other faiths, but called the relationships “clandestine.” His family badly wants him to marry a Parsi.

He hopes to as well, but not out of religious or cultural devotion—it’s just easier.

She too wants Zoroastrianism to live on in her children, especially if they choose to practice it.

“Our community, if it means to survive, can’t expect to remain ‘pure’ in the way they call it,” she said.

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