Parental tough love on dating teens

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In their book, In this method, the child is told that drinking and drug use are simply unacceptable, and then pre-chosen treatment options are immediately presented for the child.If he or she refuses to comply, then he or she will be asked to leave the home.In the tough love approach, the family also outlines consequences that will occur if the addicted person doesn’t change.Consequences for not choosing recovery can vary depending on the level of the addiction and the damage it is causing to the family.

They may ask family members to write consequences down, and avoid sharing those consequences during the intervention.When you use tough love in an intervention, you will lay out consequences for behavior that are clear and direct, and then steer the addicted person to either make the right choice or face those consequences.In a tough-love approach, help is no longer available if the addicted person will not change.Parents were told to stand firm to this model no matter what, and encourage their children to explore the negative consequences of noncompliance.The thinking behind this model is that parents are in control of the household, while the child is in control of his or her own behavior.

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