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The company organises a range of events, from small open mics for upcoming talent to auditorium shows with A-listers such as Kunal Kamra and Daniel Fernandes.Pania is a comic himself—check out his video on ‘Indian Jobs and Interns’. How to get a spot: While most of their shows are curated, they do one open mic a month in Backspace in Thane.Although Pania was in love with Karitoki, she would still hear the siren call of the sea and would return to her people every morning, while in the evening she would travel back to be with her husband on shore.Pania soon gave birth to a son who was hairless, and so he was named Moremore or 'the hairless one'.And while comedians might look effortless in these performances, anyone who follows comedy knows that these bits are practised and mastered over months and years at open mics.These events are thus vital to the growth of the scene, and the people who manage the best ones are vital players.If you’re lucky, you’ll get to share stage time with more experienced comics workshopping jokes that eventually become classics.Rohan Desai—who has performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival with his hilariously offbeat character—and Shreemayee Das run rooms all over Mumbai under the name Grin Revolution.

Grin Revolution’s shows are known for being cosy and intimate, and usually have stellar lineups.A handsome chief named Karitoki stopped to drink from the spring and saw her there.In awe of her beauty, Karitoki fell in love and took Pania back to his home where he made her his wife.If you’re lucky, you could be one of the six people (three male, and three female) who are selected at random.Punit Pania runs Chalta Hai Comedy, which has been putting up shows since 2015. started in Mumbai, now it also covers other cities, such as Gurgaon, Kolkata and Amritsar.

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