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However, this is not going to be liked by your users (lag time). ADDRESS; This gave me info about the sql and the table which it has locked and the logon time. Killing the DB session To kill the DB session execute the sql alter system kill session 'sid,serial#' In my case it will be alter system kill session '953,40807' 2.

I would prefer you go through your form and the triggers and see what is happening after you insert, update, commit. OBJECT_NAME SID SERIAL# SPID PROGRAM LOGON_TIME SQL_FULLTEXT TABLE_USER 953 40807 9179 JDBC Thin Client 26-Jul-12 INSERT INTO TABLE_USER VALUES (BLAH…BLAH) TABLE _USER 953 40807 9179 JDBC Thin Client 26-Jul-12 INSERT INTO TABLE_USER VALUES (BLAH…BLAH) TABLE _USER 953 40807 9179 JDBC Thin Client 26-Jul-12 INSERT INTO TABLE_USER VALUES (BLAH…BLAH) The info on the user name and the machine name can also be obtained from the table V$SESSION. Killing the Application which holds the session Get the column value of MACHINE from the table V$SESSION and search for the running processes in that machine.

Try again later.'); raise form_trigger_failure; End if; End; However, when I add that code, it seems to change the behavior of the locking process.

For instance, If the record is locked by user A, user B gets the expected "Another user is updating..." as long as the record lock is active.

If you have a lock after some execute_query in forms, There is some wrong code in your POST-QUERY-trigger. This has to be a classic Oracle forms problem.

It's a feature that's been out just under 2 years, but this is a great venue to highlight it to make sure you're taking maximum advantage of it. Forms Personalization takes the Custom Library ( coding is all hand-tooled PL/SQL which is controlled in a single source file, by default.

It allows implementers to trap various Forms triggers and take actions based on them.

$ORACLE_HOME/forms/java) and the jar-file to your either in archive_jini= or in archive, depending on what plugin you're using. The page has two major tabs: Conditions and Actions.Forms Personalization is basically a big set of if-then statements that can execute because of various events that take place on that Form. Conditions determine IF a personalization executes after a specific event or Forms trigger (including , etc.) can be attached to objects, such as this example - when the user tabs out of the Purchase Order Type field into the Supplier Name field.Check whether you have any triggers server-side that are working on the tables in your form. Most likely, the same items that are updated within your forms are also handled in a trigger server-side.

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