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Because other people's problems are easier to deal with than our own. Because here are the facts: I know as a friend you would have told me to stop f*ck_ng with that person. From: Some Chick Date: 1/18/06Unless you've been playing mind games with a college girl, yes. But I guess you couldn't see that, since you were that person.... You all don't know what if feels like to have no family to talk to.... Happiness and freedom are not found through another person, money or things.Your best life and best version of you is uncovered within, …And even when we say we don't want husbands and kids, sometimes we stand in line behind that shopping cart with the happy family and unruly kid who is about to steal something and secretly think, "I want that some day". I know that since we are good friends (what is it 10 years & counting now? From: Some Chick Date: 1/18/06I was sleep, still waiting on the B complex vitamins to kick in, I'm out like a light after 9pm. Anxious to drop off this calendar I've been working on. But we brush those thoughts out of our minds in favor of reading the latest gossip. ), if I was speaking to you about what went on between us (ironic that you said in our conversation since you made it a point to never call it "a relationship", but now chose to...), if it wasn't you I was talking about, you would've told me to ditch that person. In fact and i'm being absolutely honest, I look at and listen to these chicks like damn, I can't wait to talk to lata and see her again. Generally I get these type of stories and messages, before a major holiday or before her birthday. Days when I guess she hope that she can guilt me into calling. Then she starts telling me that I am in a long line of people who don't love her... What better revenge can there be after a break-up than looking better when you see them and thinking, Petty, whatever. Yeah I'll be healthier, I'll lose the grief weight I gained since my dad's death, but most importantly, I'll have my revenge (insert evil laughter here). I'm on my way to the crib anxiously awaiting your response. I guess there is something that you should know here: My mom is the poster child for self-pity. And if all else fails to draw you to her side of a story, she piles on the guilt. She was raped by the people who my grandmother had left her to be with... My dad had been filling my head with bad stories about her.... Call it if you must, but ain't nothing better than seeing someone you used to date pick up their face off the ground when they see how good you look post break-up. I've got a meeting tomorrow morning at church that I'm certainly not looking forward to.

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But I stopped talking to you years ago, because all you could tell me about when you left was that it wasn't 2.5 years -""I'm getting older. I'm going to die soon." She starts crying."Ma, I would love to have a relationship with you." I don't know if I really meant that, especially since my dad died I resigned myself to never speak to her again. Because you can't admit what happened, then so be it.""It wasn't 2 years. I have a three way phone let's call him and find out.""Ok, lets! It's 4 in the morning.""No right now, because if you don't start telling me what happened this is the last time that we will be speaking.""Not right now.""Ma, good night."This is not the post I wanted to be my return to blogging post. Collection by Katie Thi When you truly love someone, it may be hard to express those emotions through words.This list of the best love quotes of all time is sure to make it easier to express your emotions and feelings of …And even though others look at us and think that we have it it all under control, we know deep down that something missing. I could act like I wasn't hurt by you not calling me back to finish what I considered an important conversation - but it would only be an act. While we may never watch Lifetime and you'll never find us in the Chick Lit section, we worry about breast cancer and our reproductive time clocks too. I just find it hard to ask for the things that I really want... At this point I simply ask that you don't call me back. Because I don't want to have another one of your infamous circular conversations where I gain no insight from what you say. I guess that's the major problem - I don't (nor have I ever) known where you stand on "us". Love Bastard Date: 1/18/06just got back from class. From: Some Chick Date: 1/18/06My day is going well.

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