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Please, do yourself a favour and don’t do what we call “thought emotes”.We had an interesting discussion about emoting here: Is emoting in sex play overrated? First of all there is furniture available that has build-in menus for sex animations.Technically what you do is, you write /me before whatever you want to write.This will format your text slightly different then normal speech in open chat and removes the: after your name.At this point it does make sense to invest a little bit of money to get one that looks decent and realistic.They usually come with a color changer, which allows you to adapt its color to the color of your skin. An oversized penis on a Second Life avatar always makes me think, the guy needs to compensate for the lack of size in real life.It just doesn’t look good, when it is not in where it should be in (a pussy that is).Just like in real live: If you look good you have better chances. With the prefab Linden Avatar you will find it very difficult to get laid.

I share my experience with you and write a guide for noobs about how to have exciting sex in Second Life.

Make sure you know some of those locations before you start chatting up a girl.

Ideally you know some places with a nice erotic or romantic atmosphere – Travel around a bit and landmark places you like. Those are huds that you attach to your screen and whenever you click on it, poseballs rez in front of you.

Those have the advantage, that you can add animations to them and you do not depend on furniture anymore.

However they only work on land where the owner allows rezing.

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