Omg did you hear im dating a jonas brother

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Joe: Yup, its pretty amazing actually because--Nick: JOE, THIS IS NOT TIME FOR CHIT CHAT! *Hangs up*1 HOUR LATERMiley: *In the hospital with Demi, Joe and Nick*Nurse: Okay, sorry guys only 1 person in here while she conceives.

Nick: I love it Miley: *Gives Nick Katie*Nick: *Tears up at Katie* I love you more that anything in the world Demi: *Tears up at Nick* Joe?

Leighton: *Hugs him* So what was with the frying pan? Mitchel: Well if you excuse me, I have to get ready for my date! Mitchel: *Smiles and goes upstairs*WITH ASHLEY AND DEMIDemi: *Sighs* Im bored! Miley: Yeah, but everything that happened, me pregnant I just wanted to get away from everything Nick: So you killed our child? Miley: Id love too *Hugs him and they walk back inside hand in hand*David: *Walks up to Miley, leans into kiss her* Hey babe Miley: *Pushes him away* Get away from me! Im with Nick now *Walks away with Nick to Demi and the gang*David: *Sighs and goes back to Selena*Demi: *Walks to Selena* Hey Sel!

Ed: *Hides the frying pan behind him* Nothing Leighton: *Runs downstairs and sees the dog chasing his tail*Ed: See I didnt do anything! *They go to the bowling alley*WITH MILEY AND DAVIDDavid: *Making dinner*Miley: *Watching the TV* Oh, look whats on! David: I agree *Gives her a plate of food*Miley: Thanks *Starts eating and then she sees Nick and Macy kissing, sighs* I miss those days David: What? Miley: *Looks over to David and sees him making out with Selena* Pretty much over by the looks of it *Tears up*Nick: Im so sorry Miley *Wipes away her tears*Miley: Its fine *Runs outside and breaks down crying on the sidewalk*Nick: *Runs after her and sits next to her* Miley? Miley: Cause, I wanted a new start Nick: You werent happy with me? Miley: More than anything *Kisses him passionately*Nick: *Deepens it and pulls her close*Miley: *Pulls away and puts her forehead against his* Nick: Miley, will you be my girlfriend again?

I was wondering if you wanna come to the movies of something?

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THE NEXT DAYMiley: *Wakes up and sees Nick staring at her again* Do you always stare at me when I sleep?

Taylor: Thats great, I just have 1 condition for the next date Selena: What is it? *Kisses him*Taylor: *Smiles in the kiss*WITH JOEJoe: *Throwing everything out of the kitchen drawers*Kevin: *Comes down with red eyes*Joe: Dude, whats wrong?

Emily: Well we better go *Takes his hand and they leave*WITH SELENA AND TAYLORTaylor: That was awesome! Listen Taylor, this was one of the best dates ever!

Kevin and Joe, keep being your selves and youll rock forever! You are the most coolest, laidback boy I have EVER met!

*Kisses him*Joe: *Smiles into the kiss*2 HOURS LATERMiley: Bye guys! Miley: *Leaves with Nick* Nick: *Puts his arm around Miley* What a night! *Gets into Nicks car* Nick: *Gets in also and puts his hand on Mileys leg*Miley: NICK! Miley: Sure *Kisses him*Nick: God, I missed those Miley: Me too Nick: *Smiles big and drives to his house*Miley: *Walks in behind Nick and follows him to his room*Nick: *Sits on his bed next to Miley* So what shall we do?

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