Oliver kahn intimidating

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Maier, the Germans' outstanding goalkeeper when they won the World Cup in 1974, is renowned as a severe taskmaster; but even he, arms aching, had to call a halt to the hard work demanded by the man who is probably his country's finest goalkeeper since his mentor.

Kahn has mellowed a little in recent years and does not ask quite so much of himself in training these days.

That is because he puts every part of his being into his own game and he cares deeply about winning and losing. Hard work, perseverance and patience have been required throughout Kahn's career, beginning at his local club, Karlsruhe, whom he joined in 1976 at the tender age of seven.

This is a player who does not hold back his feelings on the pitch, though he is more controlled than he used to be.

Kahn howls his delight to the skies as loudly as he does his disappointment.

In fact, it was not until Andreas Kopke announced his retirement at the end of the latter tournament that Kahn was finally recognised as Germany's first-choice goalkeeper.

By then, he had been a regular with the country's leading club, Bayern Munich, for four years.

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