Old dating superstitions

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Cutting hair, knitting, and sewing, posing to a photographer or a painter during the pregnancy is a big no-no as it can harm the baby, some Russian women believe.There is no rational explanation to these limitations of course, yet many of them are still observed.A bride and a groom should not be taken pictures of separately, or they will separate.Giving someone one’s wedding ring just to try it on before or after the marriage is a bad sign - a bride can give her destiny with the ring.Most popular Russian superstition that almost very foreigner is puzzled about is whistling inside the house.Do not whistle, as you are whistling away the host’s money, Russians say. Put coins into all corners of your house and not take them way, keep money in order in your wallet with faces towards you, show some coins to the new moon and so on.Not to mention, it is an interesting thing to know about.A woman with empty water buckets coming towards you is considered a bad omen – try to avoid meeting. It is considered that if a stranger you meet first after leaving home is a woman, the day will be unlucky, while meeting man first is a good omen.

Gift giving is a huge part of Russian culture and many of traditions are worth knowing before you decide to make a gift to a Russian woman.Men say that women tend to be more superstitious - mostly because there are so many superstitions related to childbearing. Superstitions represent the nation’s mentality to some degree.The majority of omens they still believe in now emerged in the pre-Christian era and did not disappear after the arrival of traditional religion more than 1,000 years ago or the ideologues of the Communist regime.Some beliefs have opposite meanings in different cultures.If a black cat crosses your path, it's bad luck, Russians think.

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