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Again, we had an amazing time and things got much more heated.

The concert was in the middle of a work-week and he had to take off the next day to go to SF, where he is from, to meet the moving truck.

I had plans already and told him I would gladly take a rain check.

He then went out of town on a week-long business trip. I think I reached out first with a short text and he responded that he has been super busy with meetings all day and into the evenings, but that I was on his mind and looked forward to meeting me when he got back.

I am sorry this email has probably turned out way longer than it needed to be, but I didn’t know how else to give you an accurate background of events to paint a clear picture.

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The next few days we continued to talk and text with one another…our conversations were easy and there was some sexual exchanges in regard to relationships and what we like and don’t like…that kind of thing.

I am not that girl, but for some reason, I was with him…ouch.

I am actually working on a project having to do with online dating and he had agreed to allow me to interview him, so that was one of the reasons we spoke last night and discussed getting together, but I know he desires to have sex with me.

After the first phone conversation, he continued to text me for a couple of hours…playful banter back and forth and it was clear that there was an attraction on both sides.

He called the next day and left a message that he would love to come out my way and take me to lunch or dinner, that day.

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