Nonoxidating powered by simple machines

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The wheel and axle is basically a modified lever , the center of the axle serves as a fulcrum – making the wheel a lever that rotates around in a circle.Effort force is applied to a large wheel to turn the smaller axle.This type is called a single incline plane, When a wedge has two sloping surfaces, it is called a double incline plane.An example of this type is the wedge used to split wood for the fireplace.In most gears, the larger gear is the effort gear turning a much smaller gear, (the resistance). A pulley is a grooved wheel that turns around an axle (fulcrum), and a rope or a chain is used in the groove to lift heavy objects.A pulley changes the direction of the force – instead of lifting up, you can pull down using your body weigh against the resistance (load, that you are lifting). all the early civilizations, including, Lebanon, Peru, Bolivia, and Easter Island, simple machines were used to build magnificent buildings. Forces can be equal – holding a book up in your palm of your hand, or a book laying on the table – Balanced Forces – Your hand or the table pushes up and the book pushes down. The motion of objects is reduced because of friction. Sometimes we want to increase frictional forces – When using the brakes on a bike or car, we are increasing friction in order to stop.

A wedge can be one sloping surface like a doorstop.If you look closely at the screw, you'll see that the threads form a tiny “RAMP” that runs around the screw from the tip to near the top.The pitch of a screw is the distance between two consecutive threads. Watch the video here The wheel and axle was first used around 3000 B. and is one of the most important invention in history.The lever, rollers, pulleys, wedges, and the screw were all used early in history. You are doing work when you use a force to cause motion. In order for work to take place, a force must be exerted through a distance. Whenever an object is caused to move, whether from a standstill or while already in motion, a force is required. Gravitational force causes every object to attract every other object; a ball falling to the ground; the moon orbiting the Earth. You wouldn't be able to walk (think about walking on ice) or hold things between your fingers.Amount of work done depends on two things: Equation for work - W = F x d Work is measured in Joules (N-m) after British scientist James Prescott Joule One Joule = 1 N-m, = Work done when a force of one Newton acts through a distance of one meter. Every object in the universe exerts a force on every other object; that force is gravity. You wouldn't be able to turn the pages of a book, or keep your shoes tied, or stop your car with the brakes.

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