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When these roving histamine molecules attach to receptors on nearby nerve cells, you feel an itch or a sneeze or a scratchy, ticklish palate.When they dock onto receptors in nearby blood vessels, the vessels become porous and leaky, and fluids begin to ooze into the tissues of your nose and eyes.

It is above all a case study of how a drug company creates a blockbuster.And the effective patent life of a new drug -- the amount of time a company can expect to enjoy an exclusive run in the marketplace -- was about eight years; the average effective patent life of a drug has nearly doubled since then. 4, 1981, stated that the compounds, including the future Claritin, were ''useful as antihistamines with little or no sedative effects.'' Pharmaceutical companies rarely disclose the cost of bringing a specific drug to market, but it's a safe bet that it took at least several hundred million dollars to deliver on the promise of those nine words.Loratadine (pronounced ''low-RAT-a-deen'') -- the generic name for Claritin -- was one of several second-generation antihistamines that emerged from drug-company laboratories in the 1980's.After rummaging through a cabinet in the examining room, my new allergist handed me a week's supply of Claritin, also made by Schering-Plough. Claritin had several other distinctions: it was by then the best-selling antihistamine in the United States, indeed the most profitable antihistamine of all time, with annual sales of more than billion.Claritin was, and still is, the most frequently dispensed drug sample in the United States, part of the nearly billion worth of free drug samples that pharmaceutical companies distribute to doctors annually. And it was the most aggressively marketed drug to American consumers.

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