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Marriage counselors are now recognizing the importance of including issues of cybersex during marriage counseling.One of the relevant issues being considered is, ‘does cybersex represent infidelity? You are deepening the misunderstanding by using cyber or cybering instead of cybersex.People need to realize that masturbation is natural and that cybersex is just a way to enhance it, and it's completely harmless to do so.I agree with Darren that cybersex is just another way to have a pleasant sexual experience if you are single. Lamm is really trying to say is that sometimes the solution to loneliness can become a real problem.People who seek sex on the net often have real encounters.

I don't agree that cybersex leads to "depression" or "personal neglect" (you show no sources or evidence for this).

Only you know if you are doing it compulsively or if its just a healthy release.

One way to learn more about yourself and what is going on sexually is to visit take the Great Sex Assessment.

If you are having problems with addictive sex this can help clarify what you might want to try to do differently, especially if you are in a relationship.

The assessment is free and just takes a few moments of your time. Well all thing can become adicting including cybersex but at least there not out spreading all of these STDs around.

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