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These things will come up organically.”—Lauren Morelli, writer for “There’s a benefit to saying, ‘I’m pretty new to dating women.’ Not because it’s a lie if you don’t, but because you’re more likely to find someone else who is just starting to do the same.

Also, from what I’ve observed, it’s actually very common for women to realize that they would like to date other women later than their early twenties—so don’t worry.

If you aren’t totally comfortable with that, try different approaches: Start with less disclosure, see how that goes, and then increase what you share.”—Eric Kim, senior product manager at Ok Cupid“Everyone is misleading on dating sites, because everyone shares only the good things about themselves and none of the messier stuff.

I imagine your real fear is that you’ll be judged for having no experience.

As someone in her thirties who has no experience with this, how much disclosure is necessary to put in an online profile—should I say I’m inexperienced?

I’m worried about being misleading otherwise.“I struggled with this when I was first coming out.

Whether or not filtering actually helps in delivering a good match, however, is less clear. Today, many women on dating apps ask men for their height, for instance — so often, in fact, that men began volunteering this information on their profiles, even if the profile doesn’t have a field for height. But over-filtering could lead to users missing out — after all, how important is the star sign, really, or whether they have pets?

Often, sober people don’t want to match with people who say they drink regularly. (Allergies notwithstanding, of course.) On the dating side of Bumble, the new filters include height, exercise, star sign, education, drinking, smoking, pets, relationship type, family plans, religion and political leaning.

I wouldn't mind so much the length of the courtship, however he really doesn't seem to understand himself yet. there should have been a prepared explanation from him to her. Renasoft is the proud sponsor of the Unsolved Mystery Publications website.Bumble hopes filters will be an additional stream of revenue for its business, which it said in September was on track for a revenue run rate to 0 million per year. The company says all users will receive two free filters in Bumble Date, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, but additional filters will have to be purchased through Bumble Boost — the premium upgrade that also allows you to see who liked you, extend your matches and rematch expired connections.(Boost’s pricing varies based on the time frame — a week, a month, etc.Don’t put the perceived needs of the invisible person looking at your profile before your own.After all, if you were looking to meet a man, you wouldn’t feel the need to disclose how many guys you’ve dated or when you lost your virginity.

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