Newspaper dating abbreviations

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Before reading the rest of this section, ask yourself: “Do I want to abbreviate or shorten a word or phrase to save keystrokes or to aid the reader?

” If your answer is “the reader,” you’re on the right track.

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Below is a basic list of very common abbreviations.I’m not about to argue about abbreviations and acronyms with anybody who’s that much more powerful and better armed than I am, and the military glories in its abbreviations. (Never write it U S.) The domain root, by the way, is on the web. (page), vol., e.g., i.e., etc., a.k.a., a.m., p.m., Ms., Dr., Ph. Both are highly opinionated on this subject…and equally adamant in their certitude. These days, you can usually get your editor or editorial assistant to live link the glossary entries to the actual usage of such terms in text. [before Christ] or BC C [Celsius, centigrade, consonant, cytosine] c. Would you believe that there’s a DODISS: Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards. Increasingly, firms are leaving the periods out of these. Even with the existence of such links, however, it is helpful to define at first use. Sometimes referenced as ‘before the Christian era’. [capacity, century, chapter, copy, copyright]; use c or ca before the number as the abbreviation for ‘about’ (as c 1700) but c. However, earlier we saw that the Department of Defense calls itself the DOD…among other things. Is it correct to use the ZIP code in the body of a text as the state’s abbreviation? In general prose, do not substitute the ZIP for the abbreviation. In the inside address and on the envelop: Lancaster, PA 17601. The MLA Style Manual, on the other hand, leaves out the periods (269 ff). (Back) Glossaries and live links: In long documents, even when you define an acronym or abbreviation at first use, it can be difficult to find the sentence in which the term was spelled out, and readers are likely to become frustrated trying to go back and find the identifying sentence several pages (or chapters) later. (There are actually seven ways to abbreviate those three little words.) That’s fine. Organizations: suggests this general rule: “Use periods with abbreviations that end in a lowercase letter: p. Here, check both your style sheet of choice and your institution. In addition, many specialized terms are not familiar to the general reader (that would be anybody outside your own field). When writing a book or long report, create a glossary to help the reader keep track of specialized acronyms, terms and abbreviations in longer documents. [Common Era.] or CE (BCE for Before the Common Era). stands for Christian, but that would keep it from being commonly used as a more universally applicable alternative to B.

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