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If you see her name appear on any of your significant others media whatever the form, SHUT IT DOWN ASAP. Ridgely has a pattern, she often accuses man of hitting on her but in reality, she is usually all over the man in the office.She is currently having an affair with one of the suckers.Therefore, looking for a “father figure” she set her eyes on MY 48 year old sexy husband.She would make small talk with him at first and because she was the only Spanish speaking person in the plant at night, they spent a lot of time together using her as the translator for other non English speaking employees. Eventually he cracked they door and once he did, she went all the way in!This nasty slore worked in a manufacturing facility on 3rd shift where my husband was her supervisor.She’s 23 years old and recently lost her father and grandfather.

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Arranged a meeting outside of work where this b1tch put a hickey on MY husbands neck for me to see! This nasty slore worked on 3rd shift where my husband was her supervisor.She prefers they be in a relationship before she starts talking to them.She drains them of their money, finds another, and discards them for the new one. She has been engaged more times than you have fingers, but always finds a reason to leave.They beg for forgiveness and tell many private vomit-provoking stories of the gross, low-life white trash person they were buried in filth with.She has her own 2 children and her second husband but can’t find her own happiness within that world.

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