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I have been there at least twice a year for the past 6 years and as of yet have not seen anything that closely resembles the city you describe. I wish other people on this forum would be more honest (you can sort of tell they aren't being so) but do not believe any of the nice photos you see of the city, with sophisticated or interesting looking people having good natured fun or socializing politely in the Square.

The violence around this old town square is inexcusable, especially given what the brochures show and if I worked for an international company, I would be ashamed to send my employees here.

I want to meet some beautiful girls who they are only from poznan so they can show us around the poznan, dinner and nightlife. we looking forward to visit poznan in for two days. l would visit poznan next for 3days.l hope l will meet lovely and friendly girls to spent with and visit themail can contact me on [email protected] Hello, Will be in Poznan the first week of February. Reply Had a fantastic night in Poznan, I went to the Dubliner pub to watch English premiership football, I had fantastic food, very pleasing and chatty staff, good value beer. There are 3 Irish pubs in Poznan, but this is by far the number 1. Reply I will be in Poznan middle of Dec for 4 days.

I hear that poznan is amazing city and frindly people. Would be happy to have a guided tour with a local and some typical dinner in good company. Reply Hey I am in Poznan from 2nd June to 6th June for my business exhibition, looking for nice accompany that can show me the city. Is there any Polish girl or woman from Poznan which could help me as a tour guide ?

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I’m glad he’s home safe and I’m now exploring options alert authorities, raise awareness and warn others of this despicable evil place!!!! I've had two J 1 student living with me for the summer the last three months. ((Summer of 2018)) With this book I've wrote, Michael brother is getting married. I am student in Germany pursuing my masters here and basically from India. Reply Im john i live in luxembourg i will like to come to pozan for a week.

He phoned me hysterical he knew something bad had happened but couldn’t remember what! If I like Poland, or a place I will visit I could be there a month or year.

Over he next few days he began to get flash backs then eventually remembered certain horrific parts that happened to him although other parts he can’t recall! My son was advised not to go to the police as they are just as corrupt! , Surfing or swimming or body boarding, or laying in the sun tanning, In July you could say cooking not tanning. The memories we've made, the great times, the parties on the beach till the sun comes up in the morning. , , I love the night life, clubbing, dancing, music all kinds but I don't care for country music. If you are one of the host and you can say you had a perfect time, and that you would like , to visit the United States, Virginia Beach, VA. if you have the time we will jump in a new red Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and drive across country, or fly. This is my first time of doing anything like this!!!!!

I would gladly go back to Poznan at some stage but since I was there for 2 weeks it might not be for a while! Today is my first day in Poznan is therefore a city guide would also be interesting. I am wondering if a girl can guide me in the city if you are availible please mail me: [email protected] call me on 729607062 even to pay here fee for guiding me and i need her to teach me polish Reply Well. Almost every place that serves alcohol is open past 5AM (probably illegally) and from midnight until about 6AM (that is not a typo) the great majority of people around Stary Rynek are mostly male, completely drunk, swearing, shouting, breaking bottles in the street, and getting into fights. I have lived here for over a year and near the Rynek.

And if a nice lady out there interested in a salsa course or going out for coffee, feel free to connect me: [email protected]! when i was living in Poznan i used to go to Brovaria and some others, i really loved the night life, not too noisy, not too crazy, beautful girls all around and very talkatives and open to get new friends. I don't think a week has gone by where I didn't see an actual fist fight in the street, and not a day goes by where I don't see an Alaskan husky style "stare you down" contest.

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