My ipod is not updating

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Those of you dealing with issues on i OS 11, i OS 12.0, i OS 12.0.1, i OS 12.1, i OS 12.1.1, i OS 12.1.2, i OS 12.1.3, i OS 12.1.4, i OS 12.2, i OS 12.3.1, i OS 12.3.2, or i OS 12.4 could see a turnaround after installing i OS 12.4.1.While some of you will see a boost, others might run into bugs and performance issues.The newest version of i OS 12 could have a significant impact on your device’s performance.While some of you should install the i OS 12.4.1 update right now, but others might want to wait a few hours, days, or longer before making the move.Once you turn automatic updates on or off i OS, all/ no apps will update to the latest available version without your permission. What are your thoughts on automatic updates on i OS? Check to see if you can pinpoint a particular song it’s trying to transfer. Note, this could also be caused by a hardware conflict.Don’t forget that it might just be a problem with i Tunes itself.

Unlike on Android, you can’t selectively choose which apps you want to keep on auto-update.

Also check your Mobile Me email as that will let you know if your password is correctly entered. Every now and then, you might find a corrupt MP3 file or photo in your collection.

If that happens, i Tunes will throw an error message at you, but not necessarily explain why.

How to enable automatic app updates on i OSGo through the following steps to turn on automatic updates on i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod Touch: The last option won’t auto-update any apps that are larger than 100MB in size, though, keeping in mind that even unlimited data plans have a policy of reasonable restriction.

If you switch on the Use Mobile Data option, you may see a spike in your mobile data usage and associated charges, if any.

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