My dropbox is not updating bios mode wait updating fw canon mf4320d

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They look like sort-of the same thing, but they’re actually quite different.If you get an email invitation to access a Dropbox , but you really wanted to dynamically share their folder, then your sender has got it wrong – don’t click on the link, all you’ll wind up with is a moment-in-time copy.Then you open in on another computer (ONLY using File-No, it doesn't update it.I think it might have something to do with the "comparing files" part of the opening process.Dropbox has two fundamental ways to provide access to files: a) to a folder The confusion stems from the fact that Dropbox uses the term ‘Sharing’ to describe two entirely different outcomes.In my view, Dropbox should call the second choice Sending instead of Sharing (as in: “Sending a link to a to a folder results in the recipient obtaining a moment-in-time snapshot of the sender’s folder and contents, an ‘uncontrolled copy’, that is dissociated with the original sender’s folder.What I seem to be getting is the Data file stored in (C/Users/****/App Data/Roam…) on each machine whether I want it or not.

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A quick scan in my Dropbox folder shows that a new ‘Apps’ folder has been created to hold my Essential PIM Databases and two additional files.

Great, but what’s the point in using this facility if it doesn’t upgrade the Data file to become available, updated, on my other PC?

Before this new utility was introduced I simply stored my Data file in my Dropbox folder, like any other file, and used it (updated) on my other PC.

If you’re trying to convince a new group of people about how cool Dropbox is, this tends to get in the way of that outcome too!

Time to delve into Dropbox terminology to understand what is happening.

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