Muslim religion and dating teen dating violence quotes

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Islam aims to teach Muslims how to satisfy their sexual instincts in a responsible way, not to repress them.

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"Ordinary ornaments" such as kajal, henna or rings can be worn in public.It is important to realize that the idea of marriage in Islamic texts is not limited to a Platonic relationship between husband and wife, nor is it confined to sex for the purpose of procreation.The legal term for marriage is "nikah", which literally means sexual intercourse. Allah says: "Marry those of you who are not married and your slaves, male and female who are honest.Rather than being subjected to a combined union imposed by families, the girls find, in technology, one more chance to meet, and have some chances to choose, their prince charming.A further advantage of finding a boyfriend online, in fact, is also that exponentially increase the possible candidates.

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