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That would seem to indicate that the participants told the show when they're free, and thus they must have some idea when they might be seized.I'm not so much surprised by this next things, but more disappointed in people.However, more often than not the deal breakers are collections, or articles of clothing, or CDs, or certain sports, or schools, and who could really care so much about those? Searchers also overly extrapolate from individual items.For example, a magazine on Progressive Farming, supposedly means the person is a farmer, and the searcher doesn't like farmers. They also overly extrapolate from the absence of things.If they're transvestites, hey: whatever floats their boat, but the women can hardly appreciate having their stuff mistreated that way.At the end of the show, the searcher says the things they like and dislike about each room.Host Andrew Schulz is best known for being on MTV2's Guy Code and Hip Hop Squares.Next dealt with a contestant going on blind dates with possibly up to five other single people, known as "the daters," who were secluded on a RV, referred to as the "Next Bus." The added twist was that the date could end at any time by the contestant shouting "next." Each episode featured two segments, featuring a single man or woman as the prime contestant, and five other single men or women as the daters.

(To some extent the show encourages this by having a blacklight in a searching kit; the show would be better without it.) One of the worst instances must have been when a group of guys went into the girl's parents' room (bad in itself), and pulled out her mother's underwear and hung it on a door. I'm also surprised by the number of guys who will dress up in the girls' underwear or dresses!

It's surprising when rooms are noticeably dirty, or have embarrassing stuff in them; wouldn't you have cleaned up if you were going to participate in such a show?

Related to this, supposedly they don't know that participating means that their room will be searched by their would-be suitors - um, that's the name of the show.

On Halloween night, Ghostface lures the Deadfast Club out of the city to the suburbs.

Tricks rather than treats ensue, leaving the group bloodied and battered.

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