Movie dating the enemy

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The two lovers are on the outs and their relationship has hit a dead end.Then one day they wake up to find they have switched bodies.Set to the intoxicating rhythms of Brazil, "Woman on Top" is a spicy, sexy comedy about the magic of food, love and music.Meet Isabella, a sultry enchantress born with the special gift of melting the palates and hearts of men everywhere. Cecilia is a waitress in New Jersey, living a dreary life during the Great Depression.A visit to a natural history museum proves catastrophic for two high school rivals, an overachiever and a jock, when an ancient Aztec statue casts a spell that causes them to switch bodies and see exactly what it's like to walk in the ...Just before stubborn millionaire Edwina Cutwater dies, she asks her uptight lawyer, Roger Cobb to amend her will so that her soul will pass to the young, vibrant Terry Hoskins – but the spiritual transference goes awry. Alice, Judy and Sally are three Australian roommates who are unlucky in love.Yes, the screenplay and direction are of a high-school stageplay standard. Tash: I have seen it all Tash, Tash: just uh, not exactly from this angle. From now on, we're strangers, and I'd like you to treat my body as such. During the party on the ferry, when Guy Pearce is busted by Claudia Karvan telling the model that he has had a job offer from New York, the boat is clearly not moving.

Two very different people whose relationship is nose diving to get the opportunity to experience life in their partners shoes when they wake up one morning in each others bodies.

8, which makes anyone who wears it irresistible to the opposite sex for four hours. An advice columnist, Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson), tries pushing the boundaries of what she can write about in her new piece about how to get a man to leave you in 10 days.

Her editor, Lana (Bebe Neuwirth), loves it, and Andie goes off to find a man ...

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