Moonlight dating sim game

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There is a large amount of bridges suggested for transportation around town.There is a beach that almost looks like a rocky coastline on the middle-east area of the suburb.Despite the feuding, the younger generations of these families have found love.It seems that many of the Sims found in Moonlight Falls make reference to supernatural-themed media.EA representatives have not gone into detail about the world, but have described it as a mysterious town, filled with mystical creatures and was founded in 1992. The world has a variety of new rabbit holes, including Create a World assets, including a town hall, a mausoleum, and a water tower.There are a lot of trees in the area, as well as a river which leads to a waterfall and two rusted or wooden bridges over the river.Their crowning achievement is an adoption mix-up resulting in Linda Rodgers’ newly adopted baby being a fairy with the Goodfellows taking possession of the human baby instead.Will raising Fawn, their human toddler, bring them more than they bargained for?

While he can’t prove it, he believes he must be a descendant of the famous Grimm brothers, the writers of many classic fairy tales.

For example, The Twilight Saga is referenced in the Swain Family, Marigold Maldano appears to be a nod to Sookie Stackhouse of True Blood and the Roommates Supernatural household bears a resemblance to the series Being Human.

Other series possibly referenced in this neighborhood include Charmed, Bewitched, Harry Potter and Grimm.

Some ingredients can only be found at night, but only the truly adventurous stay out after dark...

some say its a whole different world under the moonlight.

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