Midnightride dating

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Ian introduces himself and she introduces herself as Katie realizing they're in one of the same classes together.Katie explains the decorations are for the Halloween Dance that night, and he politely offers to help her set up.It was like everything he did sometimes he tried a little too hard.A pretty young girl is seen walking up to the school carrying a box of Halloween decorations.Katie really appreciates the help, and she is annoyed when she realizes that Brad accidentally crushed one of the pumpkin decorations. Ian rudely snaps at him and tells him to fix the decoration right away because they're setting up the dance and they both storm off to the school.

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Then the story resumes to modern time (when this first aired) at a high school in sleepy hollow. Now a young man politely opens the door for a girl to pass through. He had just recently moved to Sleepy Hollow and was trying hard to make friends and fit in.Betty Ann, Kiki and Frank all reluctantly sit down.Gary shows Tucker to The Storyteller's chair but he sits on it instead and tells him his story better be a good one or Frank gets to pound him.Tucker annoyed by how belittling they are being to him, snaps and tells them if they would just lighten up then he could tell them a story.Gary then asks them to give him a chance, and Betty Ann responds with concern asking him if he doesn't bring his little brother would he'd really have to quit.

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