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First, many of us have had some negative experiences (life will do that) and second, some of us may also have supremely unreasonable expectations.We may be totally and completely out of touch with how we look, how we come across and our attractiveness.I used to smugly joke with my (now ex) husband that we were better off staying together than having to deal with middle-aged dating. When I asked him if this technique often worked for him he said he guessed not and that women were too uptight. No woman you’d want to meet your mom, or even your distant cousin twice removed in Canada, wants to listen to you jack off on the phone. I have kids so, no, you can’t come over to her place for a hook up after they are asleep.Well the joke’s on me because now that’s exactly what I’m doing. Someone who wasn’t looking to get married and start a new family? Really, I thought that last part would be like chumming the water. I’ve written that I’ve gone to college and graduate school, used to be a teacher and am now a writer. I have had some men who compliment me off the bat, liking my eyes (which do photograph quite well as a vivid green) or my smile. I’ll thank them, and sometimes a bit of back and forth happens. Don’t ask me to send you pictures of what I’m wearing to bed because, (a) it’s rude and (b) it’s probably nothing you’d want to see. You don’t need to show up with flowers but you also can’t woo me by sending a picture of your junk partially covered by a bouquet either.That is, as long as divorce didn’t leave us financially insecure, as it does for many women. I was in that market on and off for the last decade.Still, if we do decide to call it quits, many of those with greying temples still want company, if not necessarily a spouse, and we have joined dating sites with a vengeance. While I returned to a long-standing relationship (nearly eleven years at this point) with a BF who moved in last May, I was recently reminded by stories from friends about the challenges of Dating While Middle-Aged.All too often we have a self image steeped in fantasy, and are deeply disappointed in others’ rather frank reactions to our photos or the shape we’re in. On the other hand, there’s no reason whatsoever not to have hope.With that in our backpacks, we launch online and start the daunting dating dance all over again.

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You might consider how that’s affecting me, someone you barely just met.”He countered with how “this shouldn’t have happened to him” and he would “say anything he wanted about this woman.”Here’s my problem with that.Since I tend to be a semi-shut in, surrounded by married mom and dad couples of my kids friends, who don’t tend to include me as a random third person Not a shock. I felt pretty good about sitting back and waiting for some emails from respectable men looking for a respectable woman. Not only aren’t most of the men contacting me respectable, they barely seem literate. You’d think this would maybe encourage a potential mate or date to put their best emailing foot forward. I’ve lost track of how many emails I’ve gotten saying, simply, “Heyyyyyyyyyy.” I want to respond with “Hooooooooo! ” or “…is for horses with an “a”.” Sometimes, for shits and giggles, I’ll respond with a benign “Hey back.” This seems to stump them, as I guess they were excepting me to be swept off my feet at their first half-assed attempt. I know you all think we sit around in negligees and thongs, or sleep naked with our kids in the house. We wear t-shirts and mismatched bottoms, flannel if it’s cold. Once we’ve met, maybe over coffee, then drinks and more, go ahead and ask about my underwear.Plus I don’t really get the opportunity that often to say, hang out in a bar or go out dancing. I posted current, flattering pictures that weren’t misleading. An equally ridiculous email involves simply asking “What’s up? I love the question, texted, “So, what are you wearing? Discover my favorite position through experimenting, not texting.Peter exuded that hangdog, sweet puppy charm that sucked savior-women in like a bee to a flower.They wanted to save someone who wasn’t salvageable.

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