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We want justice to be equal for all Egyptian citizens”.

This concept was expressed by the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, who yesterday pointed out in a speech to the magistrate for the “Day of Justice” that “the Egyptian magistrates have never made a distinction” between Copts and Muslims.

The remarks, during a White House appearance with Mr Sarkozy, will reinforce the widely-held view in British diplomatic circles that Mr Obama has less interest in the Special Relationship than any other recent American leader.

Mr Obama said: ‘We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people.’…

Spreads are high also for Portugal (at 4123 points) and Ireland (at 629), whilst Greece is at 943 points above the German ten-year bund.

The Yuan to Rise by 5 Percent Within the Year The appreciation seems to be a gift to the United States from Hu Jintao ahead of his state visit scheduled for January 19.

The paper is not an official publication, but it is well versed in national economic policy. For its part, Beijing has resisted raising the value to avoi higher labour costs that would lead to unemployment and social unrest. trade deficit with China rose by 20% in the first 10 months of last year and could reach 270 billion dollars for 2010.

The “currency war of” has created tensions between the two superpowers. According to several experts and the World Bank itself, it should be appreciated the yuan by 33% (see 07/07/2009 G8, toxic securities, US and Chinese addictions).

Barack Obama Declares France Biggest Ally in Blow to Special Relationship With Britain Barack Obama has declared that France is America’s greatest ally, undermining Britain’s Special Relationship with the U. The President risked offending British troops in Afghanistan by saying that French president Nicolas Sarkozy is a ‘stronger friend’ than David Cameron.

Barnaba El Soryany, “to ask for help for a second time.

One year after Naga Hammadi we are again demonstrating to show our pain”.

So reported El Mundo whereas on the markets fears are spreading over heavy placements in the Eurozone: if unsuccessful at auction, the market could hit new records for yield premiums for “outlying” countries like Spain.

The leaks come two days before Thursday’s auction, in which Madrid should place up to 3 billion euros of 15-year bonds.

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