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Both of them appear in multiple films at the 2012 festival.

Caplan plays commitment-phobic artist Sarah, who dumps her boyfriend Kevin (Geoffrey Arend) after a public proposal gone spectacularly wrong. In contrast, Brie’s Beth is happily preparing to spend the rest of her life with Andrew (Martin Starr) — but he seems somewhat more ambivalent about their future. debuted at Sundance to mixed reviews overall, but the positive ones were really positive.

The film delivers lighter moments too, including some funny material about the curious proliferation of indie bands with the word "wolf" in their name.

The sex scenes are sexy indeed and feel casually authentic.

Twenty-something Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) is a bookstore clerk and aspiring artist who's about to have her sketches premiere in a small gallery.

Her boyfriend Kevin (Geoffrey Arend, ), drummer for said indie band.

Fests may beckon in order to fill late-night slots that draw younger audiences, but continued play beyond the circuit is probably limited to DVD or VOD.has no hard surfaces or sharp edges, but it's a pleasant enough film and it really sticks the landing.There's an editing choice in the final scene that's precise to the millisecond, and sends the movie off on a pure high note.Observing their breakup at the club is Jonathan (Mark Webber), a bookstore customer who quickly insinuates himself as Sarah’s rebound lover.Meanwhile, Beth’s wedding-planning anxiety is peaking, aggravated by Andrew’s apparent indifference and Sarah’s emotional unavailability.

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