Marc blucas and katie holmes dating

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But, it gets to a certain point with those guys where theyre like, I cant tell you that, and they pull the classified card on you. Theyre looking at the worse cast scenario all the time. These guys are always thinking in that capacity, and I never really looked at these guys as the brains behind the operation. So, it was pretty fascinating to look at it from that side of it. For me, the best thing that [the Secret Service advisor] did for me, his name was Marc, I said, Hey, in a situation like this there would be a ton more Secret Service people around.

Id keep pushing these guys for more detailed information on a story and theyre like, I cant tell you anymore. But giving us the Hollywood license, I asked him to walk down the Santa Monica Promenade with me as if he were protecting me but I didnt know it, the exact situation that happens in the movie.

How much he actually looked around without trying to tip your hat and give those things away.

Those were interesting observations for me to make because Forest and I had those discussions.

In 1999, In ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ he debuted his first major role as Agent Riley Finn.

Two teen TV veterans, Marc Blucas ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and Katie Holmes ("Dawson's Creek"), star in the romantic comedy First Daughter, directed by Forest Whitaker.

The baby girl was named as Eliana Sophia Haddon- Slater.

American actor, Marc Blucas started his acting career in 1995.

The couple is also blessed with two children in total.

How much do you want to give away versus Its nothing we ever butt heads about.

Forest and I didnt disagree, but he didnt want to tip his hat at all to this.

In this interview, Blucas talks about working with Katie Holmes and Forest Whitaker on First Daughter, and, of course, the continued support of Buffy fanatics. What happened was, all of this I learned after the fact of course, he could have saved me a lot of stress and agony by not putting me through the audition process. I was going to the meeting and Forest (Whitaker) was going to the meeting as well, and I parked my truck and he was about 20 feet away. We dont feel like we need to feel the pressure of going first.

But, I dont know what the decision process was there.

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