Love in the wild couples still dating

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It seemed to prepare us pretty well, because we were able to communicate on the phone through great conversations, and it kind of fills in the gaps of when we can't see each other.Reality TV World: Where do you see yourself being with Chase a few years or maybe even five years from now?Reality TV World: Well I wish you the best of luck with that!When you and Chase left the show, especially considering the distance between you guys, did you ever think you'd make it to the point you're at now?I don't think that that's nice, and you know, we were kind of labeled as the competitive couple.But I would rather be labeled competitive than catty any day of the week, and we're very like-minded when it comes to things like that and I think we stay really classy and true to ourselves and we just didn't want to go there with them. Reality TV World: Did you two have any ill feelings towards Ben when you left the show, and do you have any now? I mean, you know, my time is spent bonding with the people that I thought were going to be good friends of mine once I left.

(Laughs) Reality TV World: Ben seemed to think your relationship was mainly friendly and that you two just thrived on the competition together.

It really matters to me what they think about the person that I'm dating and I'm spending my time with, but Ben and Michelle and their opinions of us were completely irrelevant to me.

And for me to spend the time and energy defending what Chase and I had to people like that, it was just not something that I wanted to focus on while I was there.

I'd kind of get my own place and let the relationship progress.

And I'm thinking maybe end of September, early October, is when the new start might be a really good time.

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