List of accommodating resistance machines

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Machines that employ a cam are considered to modify the effective load against the prime movers through the ROM.If you are trained and skilled, perhaps the most effective and true variable resistance is manual resistance against prime movers through the ROM. Isokinetic training is still relevant, is effective, and increasingly an interesting option as more equipment focuses on multi-planar motion and multi-joint actions.Eccentric Overload Flywheels can provide a rapid eccentric force, but true overload is when the net demand is higher than the concentric component.Typical research and rehabilitation machines provide isokinetic resistance, where the device manipulates force and speed to be uniform in velocity by matching resistance up and down.

A 10 pound dumbell is a constant resistance through the ROM.Dialing up eccentric forces with machines is possible with an array of equipment lines providing controlled overloads at specific ranges of motion and speeds.Obviously, safety is a factor, and machines are designed to reduce risk and improve outcomes from engineering and coaching education.An easy way to summarize the function of motorized resistance machines is that they use technology to create, measure, and report human output in training.While some machines simply create resistance and don’t report much data on how that load interacts with a human, the benefit of specific resistance modes is the central driver to adopting such equipment.

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