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Compared to all other signs of the zodiac, Pisces know Leo the best.Alone, Pisces and Leo cannot achieve whatever they can achieve as a couple.It is the sun that gives focus, life, and light to the relationship between Pisces and Leo.Neptune, on the other hand, is about ideas, dreams, and fantasy.A Pisces man is not viewed as very determined for he keeps changing his directions.He prefers remaining in a very cozy, warm environment where he can enjoy independence. As long as he is given his freedom, he is a perfect husband who is entirely loyal, loving and lively.While he tends to get jealous, he would make sure to treat her lady like a princess and give her all he can.

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However, there are times when she gets very egoistic and dominant.Hence, Leo can be recognized as Pisces best love match.Pisces is ruled by the Planet Jupiter and Neptune, while Leo is ruled by the Sun.Similarly, he would never compromise on a woman; she must be the best.He is extremely romantic, graceful, affectionate, warm and generous in a relationship.

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