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Azure Cosmos DB supports a number of APIs with different operations ranging from simple reads and writes to complex graph queries.Since not all requests are equal, they are assigned a normalized quantity of request units based on the amount of computation required to serve the request.Form data that typically are checked by a Java Script could be: validate Form On Submit ( ) This is a main function that calls a series of subfunctions, each of which checks a single form element for compliance.If its not blank, we check the length of the string and permit only usernames that are between 5 and 15 characters.Understanding the factors that impact request unit charges, along with your application's throughput requirements, enables you to run your application as cost effectively as possible.For the majority of your users, Java Script form validation will save a lot of time up front, but double-checking the data on the server remains necessary, in case the user has turned Java Script off.HTML Code of the Sample Registration Form is the external Java Script file which contains the Java Script ocde used to validate the form.Notice that for validation, the Java Script function containing the code to validate is called on the on Submit event of the form.

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Azure Cosmos DB delivers fast, predictable performance by resources to satisfy your application's throughput needs.

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Like no other form validation library, simply write in English your requirements inside your form HTML tags, Parsley will do the rest!

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