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I’ve never heard of a news organization banning a comedian for life. Honestly, there are some of my friends who I don’t want to be photographed with me and post it, because then they’ll get some of the death threats that are all over my timeline. That was unique because that’s a whole other level.

I shaved my head once in middle school and it looked terrible. I want something to come out about Sean in the Bill O’Reilly category. That would be a great way for Sean Hannity to go down.

It’s a horrible room for comedy because half the people aren’t even facing you—it’s round tables—and people are drinking. I got into a fight with the wife [Mercedes] at the MSNBC party. So, the minute Michelle opened her mouth, every face on the dais started giving her a sourpuss face.

A lot of people think a drunk audience is a good audience, but it’s actually the opposite. But anyway, I know the deal, and I thought the program was great. In my opinion, it had to do with the fact that Michelle looks like someone that is not as white as they’d like her to be.

You want an audience that’s had maybe one glass of wine but you don’t want people so drunk that they start doing stupid shit like the Schlapps did. So, she only went at Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a minute and a half, and I’ve never seen anything like this: When she started her routine, the entire dais started giving her this sourpuss face. Jon Karl is someone the president called “stupid” three days prior to that, so I thought that was odd. I think they definitely mistook her for African American.

And the woman who actually hired Michelle, Margaret Talev, told a fascinating story about being the child of Hungarian immigrants, and she got a standing ovation talking about how we’re a country of immigrants. And there have only been five women in the history of the dinner who have hosted.

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